Wedding cake business plan

You must understand and conform to local hygiene regulations. Unless you have staff you will be limited in the amount of business you can handle — most weddings take place on weekends and you will need to deliver and set up the cakes.

Wedding cake business plan

Do you need a sample cake decorating business plan template? Do you want to learn what it takes to run a cake decorating business? Then i advice you read on. Cake decoration is an art that is performed in places all over the world.

This is the main reason why there are a lot of contests and baking competitions especially in the Western World. Cake decoration is one of the sugar arts that uses icings or frosting and other edible decorative elements to create patterns on plain cakes and make it more visually interesting.

Alternatively, cakes can also be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things. But funny enough, most people still see cake decoration as a hobby or passion; they are yet to see the profit potential of running a cake decorating business.

However, in this article, i will be highlighting the pros and cons of starting a cake decorating business from home. Cake is something that most people attach much importance to.

In fact, no birthday party, wedding ceremony, event or anniversary would be complete without a cake. So as a cake decorator, you will always be in business as long as people attach much significance to these events.

Secondly, not only are people looking for attractively decorated cakes, they are also willing to pay anything just to have them. As a cake decorator, you are your own boss. What this means in essence that you determine your paycheck and you only take orders from your customers.

Running a cake decorating business gives you a feeling and sense of self actualization. Seeing your creative works and designs been appreciated by clients gives you joy and a sense of pride.

A cake decorating business is a business that you can start with no money and you can also start it from home; either full time or part time.

It is not capital intensive, neither is it management intensive. Acquire the basic cake decorating skills If you really want to take your cake decoration business seriously, and also as a source of your primary income, then you need to educate yourself and get trained.

So it advisable you take a course or attend a seminar of cake decoration. Getting a cake decoration certification can also be a boost on your personal brand. Create a business plan When you might have acquired the necessary skill required to start a cake decorating business, the next thing to do is to write a comprehensive business plan that will comprise the A-Z of starting a cake decorating business.

This business plan of yours must cover every detail of the business such as financial projections, marketing plan and strategy, executive summary, goals and objectives, mission and vision statement, etc. To develop a winning business plan, it is advisable you seek the services of a business consultant or better still, buy a sample cake decorating business plan template and use it.

Get a good location Getting a good location for your business will go along way to determine how successful that business will be.

So you must always get a very good place to site your cake decoration company. However, you can skip this hurdle and start your business from home especially if you are trying to commence operation with little capital.

Get licensed You have to understand that it is illegal to operate a food service business from your home or anywhere else without a permit from the Health Department.

So ensure you get the necessary permit and if possible, get your tax clearance. Buy the needed equipment There are different equipments required to start up a cake decorating and it is important that you have these equipments because it will make the work less tedious.

Example of such equipment include:Here’s how to start a cake business -- and how this mom makes money on the side.

Toggle navigation Email address. Make Money Could You Make Money Baking and Decorating Cakes? This Mom Does. Share on Facebook; Share on Pinterest; Share on Twitter I generally net a profit of about $$ per wedding cake — and I'm still cheaper.

A business plan is an exercise in helping you work through every last detail of opening your cake business. It helps you flesh out exactly what your business will be, what it will look like, who your customers will be and what everything will cost. Learning the business while you're employed by someone else can be a great way to get started in the wedding industry.

wedding cake business plan

Of course, you can jump in with both feet and start your own business, but a lot can be said for gaining experience working as an on-site event . I f you’re contemplating DIY wedding flowers, it’s important to think about what, exactly, you’re taking on.

If you just want to DIY your bouquets, here is a tutorial, go knock it out of the if you’re thinking you’re going to DIY all of your wedding flowers, now is the moment to take a timeout and contemplate the scope of the entire endeavor. PartyPOP the ultimate top vendor directory for parties and weddings, entertainers and entertainment, online party planning and ideas, party and wedding services, .

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake will have an ethereal taste and an unusual display, according to its master baker.