Vpn essay

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Vpn essay

Of course, they could dial in directly to a remote access server, but that solution has a couple of significant drawbacks: The remote access server will need multiple phone lines and modems in order to accommodate more than one incoming connection at a time - that cost, too, can add up if many.

The solution, of course, is a VPN connection.

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If the remote computer has Internet connectivity via modem, broadband or through a LAN and the office network has a permanent connection to the Internet such as T-1 or business-class broadband, the most cost effective way for remote users to connect is by tunneling through the public network.

VPN technologies use tunneling protocols to create the connection and encryption protocols to provide the "private" part, allowing you to securely access a VPN server on the company network and through it if the VPN server is set up to allow itother computers on the company LAN.

There are four popular VPN protocols in use, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Four Favorite Flavors of VPN Because a VPN creates a secure "tunnel" through the public network, the protocols used to establish this tunneled connection are called tunneling protocols.

The five most common methods of creating a virtual private network include: The last two may be less so. Unfortunately, there is no clear cut one-size-fits-all solution.

Setup of new computers

The best choice for your organization depends on a number of factors: PPTP establishes the tunnel but does not provide encryption.

Because the client software is built into most Microsoft operating systems, PPTP servers can be deployed without having to worry about installing client software on those systems. PPTP clients are also available for Linux see http: Mac OS X PPTP has been criticized in the past for various security flaws; many of these problems have been addressed in current versions of the protocol.

One advantage of using PPTP is that there is no requirement for a Public Key Infrastructure; however EAP does use digital certificates for mutual authentication both client and server and highest security.

L2TP requires the use of digital certificates. This adds an extra level of security.

Vpn essay

PPTP gives you data confidentiality, but L2TP goes further and also provides data integrity protection against modification of the data between the time it left the sender and the time it reached the recipientauthentication of origin confirmation that the user who claims to have sent the data really didand replay protection which keeps a hacker from being able to capture data that is sent, such as the sending of credentials, and then "replay" it to "trick" the server.

On the other hand, the overhead involved in providing this extra security can result in slightly slower performance than PPTP. IPSec in tunnel mode secures packets that are transmitted between two gateways or between a client computer and a gateway.

Authentication is accomplished via the Internet Key Exchange IKE protocol with either digital certificates which is the more secure method or with a preshared key. Many vendors include "managed client" features in their VPN client software, which make it possible for you to establish policies regarding such things as a requirement that the client machine have anti-virus software or personal firewall software installed in order to be allowed to connect to the VPN gateway.

Note that you may have to purchase licenses for the client software. However, this can also be a security advantage. If the applications to which you want to give them access are not browser-based, however, custom programming might be necessary to create Java or Active-X plug-ins to make the application accessible through the browser.

Vpn essay

This gives them the ability to control access more granularly. Other methods can be used for client authentication, but certificates are preferred as the most secure. Even though there is no client software installed other than the Web browserSSL VPN gateways can still provide the advantages of "managed clients" by forcing the browser to run applets, for example, to verify that anti-virus software is in place before the VPN connection can be established.

Summary Virtual private networking is often the best and most cost effective way to provide remote access to your company network.HawkNet. HawkNet is a term used to describe the Web-based resources for students, faculty, and staff at Hillsborough Community College.

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Configuring Site to Site IPSec VPN Tunnel Between Cisco Routers

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VPN, or perhaps Virtual Private Network, enables you to set up a personal, protected link with a further network, generally in another country. You can make Virtual Private Network through Operating.

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