Three years she grew in sun and shower by william wordsworth

Nature thinks she is the most beautiful thing on earth, and promises to take her to make "A Lady of [her] own": Nature then expounds on what it means to be Nature's lady for several stanzas. Nature promises to make Lucy into a part of nature itself. She will be a part of the rocks, the earth, the heaven, the glades, the mountain springs, the clouds, the trees, and the storms.

Three years she grew in sun and shower by william wordsworth

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His tone is not that of the typical tortured soul poet, yet he was not without immense suffering. His ability to infuse comfort into his pain through his poetry has offered peace and understanding to people for generations.

Wordsworth experienced some of the deepest pain any human being has ever known- the loss of a child. She died at the age of three in the year of She was a child that was known for making those around her laugh.

Wordsworth grieves, but not beyond hope. He writes this poem about Lucy. But the poem quickly reveals that it is Catherine whom Wordsworth thinks about while writing this piece. It is not hard to imagine a lively young three year old, playing in the sun or in the rain.

But she was too lovely for earth, or so Nature decided. The speaker suggests that Nature has taken the child for herself because she was too beautiful for the earth. Myself will to my darling be both law and impulse: He can easily see how Nature wanted this little girl for herself, lovely as she was, but he himself would need to respond to this loss.

Three years she grew in sun and shower by william wordsworth

He would give way to his feelings and allow grief to have its way in his heart. She shall be sportive as the fawn That wild with glee across the lawn Or up the mountain springs; And hers shall be the breathing balm, And hers the silence and the calm Of mute insensate things The speaker shifts tones once again in order to focus on her- Lucy.

He has explained what this loss means to Nature, and to himself, but what does it mean for Lucy? He finds his comfort in this.

He believes that contrary to her limited physical ability on earth, in her new place, she would be able to enjoy running wild as a fawn.

Three years she grew in sun and shower by william wordsworth

The speaker finds comfort in this idea. He imagines her floating on clouds, and watching those on earth. He imagines that she is enjoying her existence as she moves about in the night, being loved by the stars and all the heavenly beings.

She died, and left to me This heath, this calm, and quiet scene; The memory of what has been, And never more will be.

In this final stanza, the speaker refers back to Nature. The absence of her laugh is painfully noticeable, and he is left only with memories of the past. To end this poem in grief, even though all comforting words were spoken and acknowledged, is to be real and tangible to readers.

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Anyone who has experienced loss knows that all hope of an afterlife, and all words of comfort, cannot change the empty feeling and knowledge that what once was, is now changed forever. · This poem by William Wordsworth is one of five poems known as “The Lucy Poems” composed between It was first published in the book Lyrical Ballads in , co-authored by Wordsworth and his good friend Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

By William Wordsworth Three years she grew in sun and shower, Then Nature said, "A lovelier flower //01/ William Wordsworth's poem "Three years she grew in sun and shower," sometimes titled “The Education of Nature,” is usually considered one of the so-called Lucy poems—that is, poems written about an ideal female (whether partly real or wholly imagined) for whom the speaker feels great affection.

“Three years she grew” William Wordsworth (–) THREE years she grew in sun and shower; Then Nature said, “A lovelier flower: On earth was never sown: This child I to myself will take; She shall be mine, and I will make: 5: A lady of my Three Years She grew in sun and shower, Then Nature said, “ A lovelier flower On earth was ne’er sown; This child I to myself will take ; She shall be mine, and I will make A Lady of my own.

7. • Very beginning of the poem, typically romantic in its emphasis on harmony between humans & /three-years-she-grew-by-wordsworth. Works of William Wordsworth: Three Years She Grew In Sun And Shower.

Content courtesy of. From: Monarch Notes Date: Author:Wordsworth, William. Wordsworth, William Monarch Notes Three Years She Grew In Sun And Shower The poem has 42 lines; 35 of them are spoken by Nature when she declared, › Literature Network › William Wordsworth.

Three Years she grew in sun and shower - Introduction "Three years she grew in sun and shower" is a poem composed in by the English poet William Wordsworth, and first published in the Lyrical Ballads anthology which was co-written with his friend and fellow poet Samuel Taylor

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