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If you want your program look amateuristic, you could consider to give it the following funny features: Disable the close button of the main form of your application.

Study habbit

BUT too many days of neglecting your sleep is going to lead to a decrease in performance, which will also make running a lot less enjoyable. In sleep deprivation the body is less effective at converting carbs to glycogen — hello hitting the wall!

The general rule is to add 1 minuter per mile you are running per week.


This comes a shock to many runners, but it makes since…you ask more of your body, you need to give it more to recover. A few different studies have said that endurance athletes need a minimum of 8 hours, but many need more to continue training without fatigue. This seems to be related to a few things: The amount of sleep you got that night should be your goal every night.

Go to bed 20 minutes earlier for one week, and then tack on 10 more minutes each week. Bonus points because science shows that long term runners appear to have higher quality sleep.

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Photo from Sarah Marie Design Studio. Gawd I freaking love it. However, lately I started waking up very consistently at 2AM and could not for the life of me go back to sleep. Did you know you need to add 1 minute of sleep for every mile you run each week?

One key thing is not to just rely on drugs, without getting to the root cause you are just masking the issue and it will likely persist or overcome your drugs at some point.


I found a few different things which could be the cause: Blood Sugar Drop — Are you eating dinner early and then nothing prior to sleep or maybe a carb heavy snack?

Great article on Dr Deborah MD with details. Is there something or someone toxic in your life that you need to get rid of?

Have you been eating things that might be burdening your body? The second issue is usually easy to pinpoint if you are also having issues with mood, fatigue, digestive trouble, and even eye strain.Graduate students have access to several resources that can help advance their study and work habits, from improving writing skills at the Center for Writing and Communicating Ideas to learning how to read more purposefully and selectively at the Bureau of Study Counsel.

Hello Sir, I have been drinking occasionally alchohol mostly average once in a month or even more gap in limit around 2 pegs or if beer than 2 beer bottle.

Asking questions and expecting a answer will make you raise the accent at the end of the sentence. Because that is the most common way in many languages .

Sleep is the one component not listed on marathon training plans that should be! You get up extra early to fit in the miles and slog through sprints when you’re tired, but without placing the same emphasis on sleep your efforts might all be in vain when you come down sick race week!!

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Study habbit
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