Quantitative estimation of sugars to soft

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Quantitative estimation of sugars to soft

Students lost log book Q1. I have some Year 12 students working on 3. One of them interested in electrical engineering wants to do some work on galvanic cells or secondary cells. The idea is to run an investigation that compares EMF from galvanic cells for different concentrations of electrolytes or as alternative compare discharge rates in secondary cells with concentration of sulfuric acid.

Do you feel that these would comply with criteria for AS 3. It would do if the student uses a quantitative technique to actually measure the concentrations of the electrolyte used - rather than just diluting a stock solution by various amounts.

This would then meet the requirement that variations in amounts or concentrations of a chemical are measured. Alternatively if the student didn't want to do this they could always consider it as a level 3 Science Investigation.

Can projects done under the Transitional 6 th Cert be used in 3.

Erythritol | C4H10O4 - PubChem

I can't see a problem. There is no problem with collecting the evidence this year and submitting the results of this next year when the Level 3 standards have been registered.

Certainly that is what we are doing here at St Cuths. When and how the evidence is obtained is irrelevant — what matters is does the evidence meet the requirements of the Ach Std.

What amount of teacher assistance can be tolerated during the investigation? There is nothing in the standard to give a teacher help with this direction vs supervision vs guidance in science investigations.

Quantitative estimation of sugars to soft

The group thinks this should be added to the standard. Clarification of this would also be helpful for those students considering using the investigation for their Silver Crest award.

The task mentions using a consultant, but not what the limits of assistance the consultants may provide - a statement in the standard would clarify this. Will certainly consider this when the standard is reviewed.

Please remind me why the aspirin investigation would not be suitable, yet the acetic acid in vinegar would. It just doesn't work well with anything other than aspirin so it is too difficult to source a suitable range of products to compare.

Many students think other painkillers will work but they contain and ibuprofen etc which are not carboxylic acids. Why does the method have to be in their own words Merit on your Assessment Schedule Template?

This is not in the Activity schedule, nor the standard! It provides clear evidence to the assessor as to how well the student understands the chemical concepts behind the particular analytical technique used.


Evidence for this could alternatively be obtained through interview but then the issue is having to record this conversation to provide evidence for moderation purposes.

Discussing the logbook, we also considered advances in technology, and thought that students using Palm pilots etc would obviously be able to word process their logbooks as they go.

Same sorts of Authenticity checking required as for hand written logbooks. Teachers could possibly devise some sort of code that could be inserted electronically by the teacher or could ask for electronic copies to be e-mailed to them at each checkpoint Back to top.

Quality and quantity of data. At our Western Bay of Plenty training day a lot of discussion centred around what is an appropriate range for the independent variable. Page 78 suggests 4 is the minimum for Merit, with at least 3 determinations titration for each. The generic task uses 5 variations in both examples, setting as it were a de facto standard of 5 as the minimum range.Theory of Estimation of Glucose: A freshly prepared Fehling’s solution is first standardized by titration against a standard solution of pure glucose A.R.

The standardized Fehling’s solution is then used to determine the amount of glucose in an unknown sample or solution by direct titration.

Quantitative Analysis of Reducing Sugars in Sugar Preparations. consisting of Sugar and Dextrin (Issued in June ) (Updated in May ) 1. Scope. water. This analysis method is to sugar applied3 preparations which consist of sugar and dextrin and.

SOFT SKILLS SEMESTER II. rutadeltambor.com COURSE COMPONENT NAME OF SUBJECT SEM THEORY HRS. Classification of carbohydrates, stereoisomerism and optical isomerism of sugars, anomeric forms and mutarotation. Occurrence, structure and biological importance of mono, di and polysaccharides. Estimation of ascorbic acid by titrimetric method using 2, 6.


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