Press release for cleaning business

The new materials also respond to the need to reduce the pollution caused by synthetic fibers that are released into the environment. A dramatic phenomenon similar to that caused by plastic microbeads used in cosmetics that pollute seas and rivers. The strategy of setting up the business units has generated important results in just one year, allowing to optimize the company organization the company and to accelerate the ability to respond to the growing demand for PHA bioplastics coming from different sectors.

Press release for cleaning business

Not that hard huh? Write in a professional tone. Be interesting and timely. Think like your prospects would and provide them content that is worth their time.

Highlight new and interesting stories about your business. Connect your information to current events, trends or a recent case study to add importance to the message. Showcase how you solve problems. Use some real life examples of how you solve problems within the cleaning industry.

Point out common issues and explain how you solve them. Blow your own horn when appropriate. Ideally you want to get readers to learn more about whatever you are talking about by taking action.

Press release for cleaning business

Point them to a phone number or website to get more details. A little creativity can go a long way in getting your cleaning business some publicity in a cost-effective way.

Here are some ideas… Announcing a new service. Whenever you dive into a new area of the cleaning business make sure to promote it!


When it happens make sure to promote the living daylights out of it! Bringing on new team members gives you an easy opportunity to get some exposure for your business. Also consider making mention of promotions whenever possible as well.

It should also grab their attention and make the reader want to learn more about your business. The maximum length of the headline itself should be 60 characters for Google, for Yahoo and for PRWeb.

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So do your best to provide a brief description of your business and the info you are sharing with everyone. Generally one to four sentences are optimal for this section.

Provide the details that are compelling and stick to the facts. Ideally this sections should be about 25 words but can run up to 55 words if needed.Tornado Industries delivers Best-in-Class commercial and industrial cleaning equipment that exceeds customer expectations.

Directed Heat Restoration LLC is pleased to offer water damage restoration, fire damage repairs, mold remediations, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, mobile automobile detailing and hard surface care cleaning services in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Welcome to Fish Window Cleaning!

We are your local window cleaning company serving the Pittsburgh North Hills Area, including Seven Fields, Mars, Warrendale, Wexford, McCandless Township, Ross Township, Allison Park, Glenshaw, Aspinwall, Gibsonia, and Millvale, PA!

Press Room; Press Room the full version of press release (pdf file) Healthy Living Starts in the Kitchen. Maid Brigade Offers Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Germ Hideouts Click to download the full version of press release (pdf file) Click to download the full version of press release (pdf file) Free Estimate Avoid lazy mistakes: Typos and poor grammar in press releases make your business look unprofessional, and will likely turn off reporters.

The quote: Most press release include a quote by the most relevant spokesperson for the topic of the release. On the day that the last of the hose-pipe bans are lifted, a new AA/Populus survey of car washing habits reveals that poorer folk may not have so much to spend on .

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