Octane service station essay

In discoursing net income potency. A separate understanding was besides signed whereby Octane agreed to sell and Trevino agreed to purchase a certain minimal measures of gasolene and other automotive merchandises for the service station operation.

Octane service station essay

There are generally two levels of pricing: You can generally expect the "discount brand" to cost about cents less per gallon in the same neighborhood as "major brand" gas. This is for a number of sub-factors; chief among them is that not all gasolines are created equal.

A lot of the major brands Shell, Texaco, Chevron, BP, Exxon have proprietary detergents and cleaning agents that the discount brands do not. Anyone who tells you that all gas is the same, send em my way; I tried to save a few bux buying the cheaper stuff and now my car needs an engine overhaul because of fouling causing premature wear.

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A couple of my co-workers got a fuel system overhaul free from the local supermarket because the storage tank wasn't properly purged, and they got water into their gas tanks.

Yes, this is of course a factor. Generally, gas prices at the pump rise very quickly when the market price of crude or gasoline goes up, then fall more slowly than the market price, because the margins on gas sales for a C-store are very slim.

When prices change, the C-stores lose either way; when prices rise they have to pay more than they got from the last tankful to buy the next one, Octane service station essay when prices fall they don't recoup the cost of their current tank. By quickly increasing the price to match commodities market prices, then gradually lowering them over time even if the market collapses, they mitigate the losses both ways.

Nicer newer, cleaner stations generally have to pay more to stay that way. The higher your operating costs, the more you'll have to charge for your gas. You can usually do so because the nicer station will attract customers willing to pay a few cents more for the nicer facilities.

Most States charge a tax on gasoline, in addition to a Federal tax on gas. That revenue either goes into the State's general fund, or is earmarked for transportation costs like road maintenance. California's gas prices are sky-high across the state, because they have the highest gas tax.

I'm not sure Colorado, Wyoming and Montana have gas taxes at all. Proximity to other stations: No matter what you have to pay for the land and facilities, if there's another station across the street, you have to be within a penny of their price or people will vote with their feet.

While "predatory pricing" taking a loss on sales in one area, buffered by profits elsewhere, in order to drive out competition is technically illegal, you see it all the time in the C-store industry and it is very difficult to prove. This is a primary cause of neighborhood-to-neighborhood changes; a C-store will look around the other stations on their street corner, and the ones down the road a block or two each direction, when determining what they can sell gas for that day.

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The guy five blocks down has a completely different pool of competing stations. With a lot of people in a particular area, there's a big "pie" of customer dollars for C-stores to compete for.

This generally leads to increased prices because the stations don't have to be AS cutthroat; regardless of how good your price is, you have only so many pumps, and at some point people will pay more to use the open pump than wait for the cheaper one.

The reverse is true in rural areas; with only two stations in an entire small town, those two stations will become extremely cutthroat. This, along with overhead, is generally why the Rockies states have the lowest average prices; land's cheap and people are scarce in Wyoming.

Octane service station essay

But, the "price-gouging" can be seen in the rural Southwest, where there's a LOT of ground to cover between gas stations, and so the "last chance gas" along major highways just outside of town, each a nickel to a dime more than the previous station, is a common stereotype. The further you are from there, the more it costs to get the fuel from the refinery to the gas station, and that cost is reflected at the pump.

In fact, the East Coast imports gasoline by tanker even though the United States is now a net exporter of gasoline, because it's cheaper to buy it from foreign sources than it would be to watch it drip through the limited pipeline capacity that exists between the Gulf states and the Eastern Seaboard.Furthermore, a gas station manager (W-3) identified the suspect (S-1) filling a container similar to the one taken into evidence.

Laboratory analysis revealed that the flammable liquid was gasoline and had the same octane rating as described by the gas station manager (W-3). Free Essay: Octane Service Station On March 15, Julio Trevino signed a lease agreement to operate a gasoline service station that was owned by the Octane Oil.

By November this year, a Cleanfuel full-service fuel station will be open 24/7 to serve the residents or those passing Meycauayan, Bulacan with high-quality Euro 4 Diesel, Unleaded 91, Premium 95 Octane gasoline and AutoLPG fuel for less. Case Solution.

Julio Trevino wanted to lease and operate a newly erected gasoline service station owned by the Octane Oil Company (Octane). Trevino had $ 32, to invest in the business venture. Case Solution. Julio Trevino wanted to lease and operate a newly erected gasoline service station owned by the Octane Oil Company (Octane).

Octane service station essay

Trevino had $ 32, to invest in the business venture. Octane Service Station Case Solution - Julio Trevino preferred to lease and run a lately erected gasoline service station possessed with the Octane Oil Company (Octane). Trevino had $ 32, to.

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