Northwestern undergraduate research

Campus and Area Resources Undergraduate Art history studies the arts and architecture of the world from antiquity to the present. As art historians, we consider objects and buildings from multiple perspectives including but not limited to their visual and physical characteristics, their aesthetic and historical contexts, their use of technology and their relationship to science, and their ideological or social function.

Northwestern undergraduate research

Research Opportunities All majors complete a specially designed undergraduate Research Seminar Classicsdescription below. Weinberg College sustains programs to support undergraduate research in a variety of ways including grants. Funds for Undergraduate Research in Weinberg and at Northwestern Conference Travel Grants Undergraduate students who are presenting the results of their research or creative work at recognized regional, national, and international conferences or meetings may apply for funding to be used towards their travel expenses from the Office of the Provost and Weinberg College.

Critical methodologies include source criticism, narratology, semiotics, speech act theory, gender studies, intertextuality, and major hermeneutic modes of interpretation Marxist, psychoanalytic, structuralist. The topic chosen for each quarter's seminar will usually be historical or literary, and may best combine the two.

Demosthenes and Cicero, Ancient Epic: Homer and Virgil, Democracies: The seminar will meet once a week during the spring quarter.

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As appropriate, each meeting will present specific research skills or critical methodologies as relevant to the topic of the course. This course is offered in alternating years. Others may participate with department permission.


Students will submit short weekly or biweekly written assignments and must complete a final research paper, typically pages. Evaluation is based on one's participation in the seminar and application of relevant skills and methodologies as displayed in written work.We are pleased to welcome new students who arrived at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in August of These students have enrolled in two distinct programs (the traditional 3 .

Northwestern undergraduate research

Both undergraduate and graduate students can focus on cultural anthropology methods and concepts. Learn more about cultural and linguistic anthropology at Northwestern.

Undergraduate opportunities. Review all undergraduate anthropology courses..

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Graduate program. Northwestern University encourages its undergraduates not only to carry out scholarly and creative projects but also to present research results or perform productions at recognized regional, national, and international conferences or meetings.

Research Offices, Institutes and Centers. With well over one hundred research institutes and centers associated with the university, its colleges and schools, and its medical facilities, you’re never far away from the next new discovery.

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Undergraduate Program Faculty in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences study the past, present, and future of the Earth and other planets. Course content within the degree program focuses on physical, chemical, and biological processes spanning diverse spatial and temporal scales, from the atomic to interplanetary and from the modern.

Research Opportunities: Department of English - Northwestern University Petition to Graduate link to Registrar Disciplinary Major Students must complete a disciplinary major offered in any department of Northwestern's schools. Students may declare the International Studies adjunct major before declaring a primary major, but the adjunct major does not by itself meet requirements for an undergraduate degree.
: Honors Program in Medical Education: Feinberg School of Medicine: Northwestern University Courses Undergraduate The American Studies Program is an honors-track major that is comparative and interdisciplinary in its approach to American Studies. The major draws on a broad range of faculty from the humanities and social sciences so that students can examine components of U.

The Office of Undergraduate Research sponsors a number of grant programs, including the Circumnavigator Club Foundation’s Around-the-World Study Grant and the Undergraduate Research Grant. Some of the students on these grants end up traveling and having a .

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