Monsters inc ethical delimas

Scientific advances allow businesses to use technology to reach goals more easily and more completely than ever before.

Monsters inc ethical delimas

In the end, I will ask readers to give their view on this rather complex matter. Duterte also said the NPA should try Olgachen in its revolutionary courts and sentence him to 10 years of hard labor. Try captive cop ; Inquirer] [ Duterte: That adds to the peculiarity of the moment.

Let me list some statements, rather as a quick briefing on the various elements of context and fact pertaining to this situation: Mayor Duterte is President Elect and has no official position with the national government. He has taken no oath. The group is still branded as a terrorist organization by the United States and European Union.

The group engages in deadly armed conflict with Philippine police and armed forces.

Monsters inc ethical delimas

As a private citizen of the Philippines, Mayor Duterte has full right of free speech. It is possible that the NPA will view the comments as having actual authority, or sanction, for the trial of a private citizen outside the courts of the land.

There is no provision in the Constitution for such an extra-judicial act. There is a potential for conflict within the ranks of the PNP if the new chief is seen as not supporting his troops. The PNP has primary responsibility for investigating criminal incidents by PNP officers, and recommending and carrying out punishments, via its Police Board.

If the police officer were to be investigated for drug offenses, it would fall to the PNP to investigate. The Office of the Ombudsman OMB has primary responsibility for investigating administrative crimes of public officials under various laws, including the Code of Conduct and Ethical standards [ Memorandum of Agreement ; pdf file].

He has offered cabinet secretarial positions to leftists recommended by the CPP. His opinion on the captured PNP officer can be seen as another conciliatory move aimed at peace.

Mayor Duterte and his spokespeople have asked that we grant him the right to put in place the changes he wishes to make. We can confirm this through his own words. The dilemma for citizens is whether or not the gains from extra-judicial solutions, with increased probabilities of innocents bearing punishment, will be better than gains from slow justice through the courts.

It seems to me that no one has the wisdom to make this decision and that anyone with an opinion is guessing. International human rights groups clearly frown on extra-judicial solutions. They have also been critical of the slow and politicized courts of the Philippine judiciary. President Elect Duterte expects us to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Senators and others are generally giving endorsement to Mr. Given this background, what position do you recommend be taken? Wait and see what develops. Advocate for speedy extra-judicial solutions.Monster’s Inc. Ethics Paper 1 As the authors of textbook Contemporary Business states, business ethics is the standards of business conduct and moral values (Boone p.

40). Although this is a term that most people primarily think of only in the business workforce, the writers of Disney/ Pixar Animation Studios children’s film, Monster’s Inc. proved that business ethics is found. The movie, Monsters Inc. revolved around two monsters, Sully and Mike, best friends who work at Monster Inc.

- a company that generates energy for the city by collecting screams from children. Since Monsters Inc. is a company/business, we can apply ethics to events that happened in the stor.

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This is a great article on ethical issues in the business environment, and what should be done to create a good ethical environment to avoid having those people in your business who "cheat". HRD Ethical Issues. Nov 13,  · The Business Ethics in Monsters Inc.

Monsters inc is just a children s movie. Yet it brings up a good issue that is relevant to my paper. The ethics in which business run their companies.

Is it the well being of society or their own personal profit that is most important to the corporate leaders when tough decisions are made.

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