Microsoft windows and s r govt higher secondary school

School District, is with two technology integration coaches at the Kilobyte training lab at Greenwood Technology Center, getting quick tips for using Windows 8. The Windows 8 operating system, which splashed on the market in Octoberis changing the landscape of Microsoft-based computers.

Microsoft windows and s r govt higher secondary school

In the coming years, we should build on that progress, by … offering every student the hands-on computer science and math classes that make them job-ready on day one. An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest Benjamin Franklin CS for All builds on efforts already being led by parents, teachers, school districts, states, and private sector leaders from across the country.

Involving even more governors, mayors, and education leaders to help boost CS following the leadership of states like Delaware, Hawaii, Washington, Arkansas, and more than 30 school districts that have already begun to expand CS opportunities. Engaging CEOs, philanthropists, creative media, technology, and education professionals to deepen their CS commitments.

Computer science and data science are not only important for the tech sector, but for so many industries, including transportation, healthcare, education, and financial services.

However, by some estimates, just one quarter of all the K schools in the United States offer high-quality computer science with programming and coding and 22 states still do not allow it to count towards high school graduation, even as other advanced economies are making it available for all students.

Wide disparities exist even for those who do have access to these courses. In addition to course access challenge, media portrayals, classroom curriculum materials, unconscious bias and widely-held stereotypes exacerbate the problem and discourage many of our students from taking these courses.

For example, inonly 22 percent of students taking the AP Computer Science exam were girls, and only 13 percent were African-American or Latino students. We can do better! Tech careers are exciting, fun, high-impact, and collaborative as well as being critical for our economy.

We want all Americans to have the opportunity to be part of these teams. CS For All will help make that a reality and ensure every student has access to Computer Science in their classrooms at all levels. CS for Students When it comes to computer science, we can all be students and President Obama led the way as our CS Student Coder-in-Chief when he became the first President to write a line of code himself.

Who taught him to code? A middle-school student named Adrianna from Newark, New Jersey, who took a computer science course at her school. If the President can start learning computer science, so can you!

We know you need the basic tools to make it possible, including teachers, infrastructure, and Wi-Fi. And in order to make sure youth have pathways into the workforce and that adults have access to these skills, the President launched TechHirewhich has expanded into 35 cities, states, and rural areas.

She also teaches coding to children at Arthur Ashe Elementary and attended the Essence Festival to represent inner city youth in coding and technology. Christina Li is a senior at Adlai E. Christina also created Hello World, a week-long computer science day camp for 30 middle school girls to learn how to code robots, apps, websites, and games in the hopes of reducing the gender gap in computer science.

She used her computer science skills to help NASA develop ecological forecasting models using satellites to support reforestation in Rwanda. She now spearheads an initiative to develop an entrepreneurship, design, and CS-centered Maker Space for at-risk youth and underrepresented communities in Greensboro.

CS for Educators The field of computer science education has come a long way in just a few years. With support from NSFnew high school courses like Exploring Computer Science and AP Principles of Computer Science have been designed to be more inclusive and accessible to all students and other courses and programs are designed for early elementary schools.

CS can also help foster computational thinking skills that are relevant to many disciplines and careers, such as breaking a large problem into smaller ones, recognizing how new problems relate to problems already solved, setting aside details of a problem that are less important, and identifying and refining the steps needed to reach a solution.

As a teacher, school leader, or superintendent, you can help expand CS for All in many different ways. For example you can: Join the CS Teacher Institutes or the 21st Learners and Coders programs offered by the US Department of Education Engage with professional learning communities like kin10 to find resources and colleagues, including those who have created computer science and computational thinking experiences within many K subjects.

Participate with the Future Ready Schools initiative to help transition your district to next generation thinking, including active hands-on learning approaches.

Start an afterschool CS club, robotics program, maker space, or science fair. For the last decade, he has been creating technologies that make it easier for people, including those with disabilities, to write computer software. With grants from NSF, he established the first national educational infrastructure for blind or visually impaired students to learn computer science.

He is the inventor of Quorum, the first evidence-oriented programming language. In just the past year, both Republican and Democratic state leaders have championed ambitious CS efforts, and New York City announced an aggressive year plan to expand CS opportunities to all one-million of its students.

Today, leaders at the state and local levels are announcing new and expanded commitments to expand CS, including: The State of Delaware is expanding CS education to 13 additional high schools, and launching an online CS course for all students.

More than 30 K public school districts, representing more than one million students, are committing to expand CS education. Make a commitment Community Spotlight: Chattanooga, Tennessee The Chattanooga community has worked together to create an ecosystem for youth to learn computer science skills to be prepared for future technology-infused industries.

Jane Margolis is a researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she investigates why few women and students of color have learned computer science.

Microsoft windows and s r govt higher secondary school

She and her collaborators, with support from the National Science Foundation, created Exploring Computer Science, a high school curriculum and teacher professional development program committed to reaching all students, especially those in underserved communities and schools, which now exists across the nation, including in seven of the largest school districts.Construction Of Beded Girls Hostel G-plus-1 In Govt Girls Higher Secondary School Sheesh Mahal Poonch Under Ramsa Middle School Moh Kumaran Surankote to the level of High School Under RAMSA approved Under Phase-IV Section 2.

The Windows 8 operating system, which splashed on the market in October , is changing the landscape of Microsoft-based computers. The once traditional PC operating system is making the move toward a more mobile, tablet-based environment in schools.

Microsoft yesterday made it easier for school and university students to obtain a free subscription to Office by sidestepping institutional IT and going to the self-serve line. It also helps us improve Windows and related Microsoft products and services and, for customers who have turned on the “Tailored experiences” setting, to provide more relevant tips and recommendations to tailor Microsoft and third-party products and services for Windows to the customer’s needs.

Stephen Howell is the Academic Program Manager for Microsoft Ireland. In this role he engages lecturers and students of all disciplines and levels with tech talks and curriculum advice.

Stephen is a passionate advocate of CoderDojo and Computational Thinking both in and outside the Empowering Educators and . The latest version of Windows 10 has many monikers. Its version number is , its code name was Redstone 5, and its official name, announced by Microsoft at IFA Berlin, is the Windows 10 October.

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