Ib business management essay

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Ib business management essay

Ib business management essay

Posted on September 29, by Tim Woods Sometim es normally in 8-mark questions you will be asked to evaluate. This is about going beyond the insights you have made from doing your analysis your Dr Tests. And then, after you analysis is done, you go on to evaluate, to make sense of it for the reader.

You are telling us, in clear terms, what we should think about the situation. This is a bit like Theory of Knowledge because you are not only showing that you can think about things using the course theories, but also showing that you can think about things in a complicated or complex, or advanced way.

You can contrast the results of two ways of appraising an investment opportunity for example and tell us which insights are most important for this particular company. So it is often by doing good evaluation that you are really helping businesses to cope and improve.

Students generally struggle with this. This acronym will help you to remember the 7 different aspects of good business evaluation: Functional Area Effects — What will this change mean for the different parts of the business: Is the answer completely obvious?

Are the costs worth the benefits? And then take this a step further: So there you go. Try to go through each of the evaluation types, in order whenever you are asked to evaluate in IB Business exam questions. To help you remember the mnemonic, you may want to consider, firstly, whether you agree with it.

Does it seem true to you? Is leadership about consistently profiting people? What do you think? The other thing you might try to do is to create your own mnemonic.

By thinking creatively about it you can stick it in your own mind. Also, if you take Economics as well, you might like to read this post on Evaluation in Economics. If you are enjoying this article, get future posts sent to your email for free.IB recognition resource library.

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Essay on IB business. Jane Wu Mrs. Mullen IB Business and Management 10­13­14 #8: Using articles, distinguish between ‘economic’ and ‘political’ opportunities and threats.

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