Configure the cisco 2900 router

When creating users on a Cisco router we can assign different privilege levels to different users to restrict access to certain commands. In the following example we are going to add 2 local user accounts, one with the default privilege level 0 and one with full privilege level The privilege word is optional.

Configure the cisco 2900 router

Preface and Scope This document is intended to instruct in the basics of Cisco router configuration and maintenance. It is by no means complete or authoritative.

This document purposely omits many topics and assumes a foreknowledge of others. Prior experience with Cisco router products will make this document easier to understand but is not required.

Cisco endeavors to maintain backwards compatability in their software however, there is no guarantee of such. Hence, the commands and procedures outlined herein should only be used as a guide when working with latter releases of IOS.

Description of Cisco Router Products There are several varieties of cisco routers. The relevant router models are the,and series. Physically, each is as follows: The which is about the only router out of the series we use has a console port and an aux port in the form of rj45 type connectors.

There is one 10 megabit ethernet AUI type connector, and two high density 60 pin serial connectors.

Configure the cisco 2900 router

The serial connectors are used for the WAN connections. The is the next step up in Cisco's product line. It has a console port and an aux port in the form of two db25 connectors. One of the more recent generations of backbone routers is Cisco's series router.

This router is quite large. It has room for a primary and redundant power supply. In the backplane, there are 7 slots that are used as follows.

All the way on the right-hand side is a slot labeled for the Route processor which holds two db25 connectors for console and aux. It utilizes a Motorola for its processor and has internal slots for two flash modules and 4 30 pin simms.

There is also a bank of pins for various jumpers. These control certain default settings that are read when the router is powered up.The four Cisco Series platforms of Cisco , , and model run on the IOS Software IP Base.

Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Router

The Modularity Features and Benefits of Cisco Series In fact, most of the modules available on previous generations of Cisco routers, such as the Cisco . Configure SSH on your Cisco router Most IT pros know that using Telnet to manage routers, switches, and firewalls is not exactly a security best practice.

Instead, the accepted alternative to. Catalyst is the brand for a variety of network switches sold by Cisco commonly associated with Ethernet switches, a number of different network interfaces have been available throughout the history of the brand. Cisco acquired several different companies and rebranded their products as different versions of the Catalyst product line.

Jun 27,  · What we would like to do is set up natting on the cisco catalyst router so that whenever it sees a and address to translate them into and respectively. The Cisco Enhanced EtherSwitch Service Modules (Figure 1) greatly expands the router’s capabilities by integrating industry-leading Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching with feature sets identical to those found in the Cisco Catalyst ® In this tutorial you will learn how to configure your Cisco router to use its 3G / UMTS / HSPDA WAN interface.

I’m using a HWIC-3G-GSM WAN card but the configuration will be .

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