Bakery business plan in pakistan iman

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Bakery business plan in pakistan iman

On this page you will find articles, links to pages and old Newsletters from this site and other sites confirming what we see happening now was expected and it is indeed speeding up directly after the Pope demanded free speech should no longer be free.

I only compile this evidence so as to have a central location to post coming events and articles as well as confirm, Christian prophecy is THAT accurate! Some of you may already know this, but a few weeks ago YouTube deleted a video I made claiming it was hate speech.

And so I am just going to put it out there. They even tagged a sermon I did years ago wherein I explain how the powers that be fear our God. They actually showed their abject fear by placing a content warning on it stating the sermon was inappropriate.

But every Christian with eyes that see can tell I only share Biblical truths as well as prophetic facts in all my sermons and videos. How on earth can a Bible sermon be deemed inappropriate is beyond me; but then these are the last days where this is to be expected. If interested, you can view the video on my online archive at http: This video was deleted for a reason!

And once you watch it you will realize they fear such truth getting out easily. In fact, when I asked YouTube to explain where the hate was in the video, and I asked them once in their dispute form and once more in another dispute form wherein I was able to remove a copyright strike on another video.

I got no response whatsoever from either form! That all being said, I am asking all of you to pray as well as share with me any server and or software ideas on building a video server wherein all the SDR brethren can upload their videos to.

We will not be using public servers as my experience with them is not conducive to a free speech environment either. So again, please pray and share your ideas in the comments section below.

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And, just so you know, the videos and studies will become portable when the time comes that we are totally removed from the Internet so as to further continue the work our God has called us to do.

Jesus stated in Luke They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

And yes, the reason Jesus repeats Himself in Luke As I stated in previous videos global homosexual marriage was the final sinful act of the people that brought on the flood of Noah. Hence they use the rainbow to this day to mock the Lord that sent that flood.

Check out the video!

bakery business plan in pakistan iman

Whether they pass the bill and make it law no longer matters. Christian prophecy will be fulfilled and every sin known to man will be normalized and the Bible that condemns it will legally become hate speech in America and around the world just as we in the remnant church have been warning people about for decades.

Pray for these lost souls that they find Jesus and come out of the sinfulness that perverts their minds into thinking homosexuality is normal.

In a statement, a YouTube spokesman attempted to defend the platform against criticism of increased demonetization. But as we know, YouTube is owned by Google and Google is very much in bed with Rome, their logo confirms that hands down and we also know, and in my case firsthand no less, that Google likes to censor Christians and especially those Christians that share the Biblical facts most all the other churches refuse to share knowing it will upset their status quo.

And just so you know, the churches refuse to share for two main reasons. And Google is one that can tighten the noose rather nicely in the online community if they refuse to bow to their agenda.

Doing so makes them money and it also keeps the Jesuits off their back. But when the truth was finally posted online see it here many in the upper hierarchy of the SDA church clammed up knowing anyone with access to those doc files could destroy their lofty position in the church.

And yes, they are a Vatican contrived hierarchy and even admit as such in writing. To see what I mean, click herethen type F3, and then type in "hierarchy" in the query to see for yourself.


The fact the SDA church now has a major player and political pawn for Rome in Washington DC by the name of Ben Carson proves they have been very active in politics for many years. All they were waiting for was the church members to lower their biblical standards before pushing someone like Carson to run for political office.

As for point 2, yes you guess it. And so Rome has no fear of them doing so.

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Rome needs to control them too do they not? This is where the prophesied c3 comes into play."How to start a small bakery?" Posted by Kelkel on 9/13/ Hello everyone! I'm a 27 years old girl, I have always in my mind to open my own small bakery to sell my homemade baking goods.

plan in September in response to the uneven economic landscape, demographic shifts, and business models and political pressure means that the way in which success is measured has also changed, and mechanisms used for measurement will need to be adapted accordingly.

Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook accounts. Starting a bakery requires a mix of skills. You need to be an experienced baker and an astute businessman.

Success will require not only the skills to create attractive products but also to run and grow the business with profit in mind.

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