An examination of the image and the one percent show by photographer guillaume bonn

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An examination of the image and the one percent show by photographer guillaume bonn

During the 60s you spent a period of time in New York and the US — an epicentre of pioneering artistic creativity. What made you want to leave the bustling metropolis?

Did you fnd the reception of your work varied when you returned to Europe?

An examination of the image and the one percent show by photographer guillaume bonn

My wife was expecting twins and we wanted them to grow up in the UK. Experience told me that it is easier for Europeans to go west than it is for Americans to come east. My work at that time was critically well received with museums buying it on both sides of the Atlantic. T-rifc is one of the frst compositions featuring legs, did you start working on this series in New York?

Did you use particular models and muses for your work? If so, who was the sitter for T-rifc? Sizes 4 to 10 Medium.

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The leg paintings were all made in London, this was the ffh picture in the series depicting legs. They were my response to the clarity I found in the New York paintings of Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselman whose images were clear and unambiguous.

Tate, London P: The present work seems to draw infuence from the slick aesthetics evident in advertising, billboards and the sexual liberation prevalent in New York at that time.

What was the particular inspiration for T-rifc? Does the title relate to the subject matter? Abstract Expressionism seemed to have swept away the orthodoxies of fgurative painting in the late 50s as taught at British art schools. For those of us still compelled to represent the visible world a new visual vocabulary was needed.

Advertising, commercial illustration and comic strips provided a language unfettered by the rules of fne art. On the reverse of the canvas we note that there is an extended title for the work: What is the importance of this title in relation to the work?

I had the idea that the painting could be a dialogue between the sales assistant the painting and the client the viewer in the matter of choice.

During this period we occasionally see an incorporation of three-dimensional materials, like steps and ledges into your work.

An examination of the image and the one percent show by photographer guillaume bonn

Is this picture a precursor of your later furniture sculptures such as Chair, Hatstand and Table ? The oblong shape of the canvas emphasized the episodic nature of the image.

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