A personal opinion about the relationship between success and happiness

Play in new window Download I wrote about three types of organizational change in my book, Re-create Your Life, many years ago. Let me draw from several passages in that book because the business applications of this distinction should make the personal applications I wrote about last week even clearer. Organizations, as well as individuals, require all three types of change to be successful.

A personal opinion about the relationship between success and happiness

I was having dinner with a very good friend of mine recently, and we got talking about money and happiness. My friend explained that collecting and drinking fine wine made him very happy indeed; so much so that he estimated that his wine collection was worth more than his home.

Money is, for most people, an emotive, complicated subject. We all have different beliefs, motivations, emotions and preferences, which can make our relationship with it difficult.

Money also influences how we view ourselves and can affect our feelings of self-esteem, control and security.

Over the 25 years that I was a financial adviser I interviewed hundreds of successful people. They each told me their life story and how they had achieved their success.

But what I found most interesting was their relationship with money and how it influenced their approach to life. For some people, other than funding the basics, money was merely one measurement of their personal or business success.

Others saw it as a means of obtaining social status, often comparing their material wealth house, car, clothes to that of their peers.

A personal opinion about the relationship between success and happiness

Their personal motivation was very much about the outward appearance of success, even if they were not completely fulfilled and satisfied as a result.

He and his wife decided to make a radical change to their life, after several years of making excuses.

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They sold most of their possessions, put the rest in storage and rented out their London home. They now travel the world, including skiing for at least two months a year, and return to the UK every few months to see clients and run their business courses.

They are happier than they have ever been and they now make more money, while working less. I was apprehensive about such a radical change, after 17 years at the helm, but I was determined to change my lifestyle.

I no longer have a tiring commute and I enjoy a lot of variety between my speaking, writing, consulting and angel investing activities. I see my family more, I do more exercise and have lots of holidays and trips. Research suggests that having a higher income does affect happiness, but only up to a point.

Comparing your financial situation to your peers is also not a good idea, because research shows people care about relative income. If you earn less than your peers you are more likely to feel aggrieved.

There will always be someone with more money than you, so try to stop worrying about it.Personally, at the height of my “success,” I was pretty miserable. I’m not saying there’s an inverse relationship between success and happiness, just that there’s not necessarily a positive one. They're two different things.

Does Happiness Promote Career Success? Julia K.

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Boehm Sonja Lyubomirsky University of California, Riverside Past research has demonstrated a relationship between happiness and workplace suc-cess. For example, compared with their less happy peers, happy people earn more personal skills, and spreading goodwill .

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